TV – the 24th of march – France 5, « Les Maternelles », with Christophe Boula

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« Wonderful images. And shocking stories… (…) Three stories where heroes are children, tenderly told by a generous director. Cold hearths, insensitive souls away. »
Jean-Louis Gouraud. La Revue (March 2015)

« Amazing landscapes, haunting music, a cohort of animals, government bureaucracy, welcome or not… the sound and the pictures are simply sublime. »
La Gazette de Montréal (26/08/2014)

« Nomadic childhoods has a mix of professional and amateur actors, altough you’re not going to be able to tell which is which, as everyone feels as naturalistic as can be. It often feels like we’re watching a documentary, even if there is a story being told and an obvious narrative path we are following. You don’t get to see Tbet, Siberia and Mongolia all that often, and director Christophe Boula and dirctor photo Arnaud Hémery work their hardest to ensure that you are going to appreciate every minute of it. It’s gorgeous. »
The Escapist (20/09/2014)

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